Big family adventure Intro

Are we really doing this? That question was on our minds every day for the last 6 month or so. Until yesterday. Today, we can answer with certainty. YES! We are. Because we already sit in our car and are on the way. Where? Roadtriping Spain and Portugal for the next few month.

Kubík is soundly asleep in his carseat, Michal is cruising German autobahn and I am writting this post. To let you all know. And for us to remember in a few years, sitting in an office.

The plan is to take it easy. 4 nights on the way to Girona. Ulm, Zurich, Mulhouse, Montpelliers. Then one month in Girona. Exploring the surroundings by car, bike, foot,…Dust off our Spanish.

Then through Toulouse and Biarritz to San Sebastian, 3 weeks there exploring Basque country. Huesca and Zaragoza after that, followed by Toledo and Caceres to Evora. That will be around end of May and then we will see. Will we go back home? Will we stay some more? Look out for upcoming posts to find out.

But for now, see you later, Prague!



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