Getting back Part 2 (Capbreton, Blois, Kaiserslautern)

Taking turns riding our bike and driving, we covered the distance from Toledo through France and Germany back home to Prague in four days. We embraced the last chance of swimming in the sea on this adventure near Capbreton, enjoyed French castle country along the Loire river in Tours and Blois and experienced the echte German countryside beer, schnapps un quest hotel in Kaiserlautern, before pacing through Germany to get home.

The whole adventure left us full of experiences and emotions no one will ever take from us. We visited many interesting places, met many cool and nice people and hopefully are giving our little son the best we can, a first-hand experience of the world. As we always say, no holiday is long enough, and it is true even if you plan it for four months. There is still so much to explore, and so as we are a bit sad that this particular journey has come to an end, something else will always come up. We will make sure of it :-).

In Capbreton, we chose a very nice and friendly surf house to spend the night, and enjoyed the last sunset over the sea on this adventure in a beach bar. The next day, I took the bike and rode along the sea, in the beautiful and vast countryside, up until the Plage de Vielle-Saint-Girons, where we spent some nice family time before heading inland.

Enjoying the ride

The choice for the next night was a budget one, and the Ibis hotel in Tours did just fine. We briefly visited the fabled Blois, but with still a lot of ground to cover, we had to get going. We have explored it’s famous royal chateau first, of course.

Château Royal de Blois

Last night was spent in Kaiserslautern, or rather in its suburb, in an echte German hotel, with a nice beergarden and good old fashioned German food. And then, just as we covered the last 500 km home, this Big Family Adventure of 2023 was over. Until next time!



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