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Galicia is a province almost the size of Catalunya and we only had 10 days there, so not enough time to discover everything it has to offer. Yet we have seen quite a lot of beautiful places, as described in the article below.

Pilgrimage ends here, in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Once in Galicia, it is a must to visit Santiago de Compostela, even if you didn’t walk there. Much has been written about Santiago already, so I’ll highlight the Mercado de Abastos with a perfectly tasty and daily caught octopus.

Octopus deluxe 🙂

There is a line to enter the cathedral to avoid overcrowding (which it was anyway).

Main altar
Main altar

Although I am not a big fan of the Baroque style, I admire the ancient frescoes and the shiny golden main altar.

Sindueňa is a surprise gem, hidden in plain sight for every craft beer lover and we even got a small tapas portion of tasty fabada, Galician bean soup, for free to accompany our beers.

Combarro is a small historical village in southern Galicia which attracts visitors for its hórreos, more than 60 of them actually. What are hórreos? Although they do resemble a medieval family tomb of wealthy men, the reality is much more ordinary.


They are, in fact, granaries, designed to keep rodents and water away. The best strategy to explore is to get lost in the streets and count how many you can find. We strolled first by the sea, between Praza Peirao da Chousa and the Praia do Padrón, taking a break there at the poetic Bar Chill Out, then walked back inland through the non-touristic narrow winding paths, which somehow made us appear by the Bar As Veigas run by a sympathetic older man. Overall, Combarro is a beautiful place to relax and ease your mind.

More hórreos by the coastline

Built of white stone, Pontevedra is a very neat town.

The Igrexa de Virxe Peregrina caught our eye instantly. It is a rather small church which has a statue of the Virgin Mary dressed in beautiful robes. They change her robes for different events. If you climb up to the dome’s gallery, there are pictures of the Virgin in all her robes.

Igrexa de Virxe Peregrina



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