Unfortunate side-trip to Mallorca

After some hard persuading from Michal, I agreed to a side trip to Mallorca at the end of March. Just 3 nights, to visit Michal’s brother and his family on their vacation and to enjoy the sunny island. Why was it unfortunate? Read on.

On the day we arrived, we headed to the city beach of Palma. Crowded with sellers of souvenirs and other suspicious items, we took turns in the sea, also so that one of us stays with Kubík. When I came back from my swim, I found Michal in distress because my handbag was gone. Bank cards, ID card, driver’s licence, both of our phones, glasses, car keys, all gone. No cash, so basically it was worthless for the thief. But it kept me occupied for another day and a half. It shows yet again how very much dependent we are on our phones. Couldn’t get into Google account to block the phone, couldn’t get into contact with Michal’s brother, didn’t have any money,… Everything got sorted eventually, very much thanks to a super nice waitress at Café Plaça who let us use her phone for as much as we needed, gave us some water and sandwiches for free and also some cash. Later I also found an optician who was able to make me new glasses within one day, which is quite unusual given my glasses are a bit special. Lessons learned for next time: leave as much as you can in the hotel room, and memorise at least one contact number (not the one of your partner), so that if you find yourself in such a situation, you can call someone for help.

My new glasses

Anyway, as we always try to make the most of everything, we went on a trip to Soller to brighten our minds and enjoy Mallorca at least a bit. It is a 1 hour retro train ride with great views in the second half of the journey. You can also prolong it by a tramway ride from Soller to Port de Soller. Once there, a cone of lemon and orange ice cream is a must, as it is made from local citruses. However, it was quite crowded already in March, so I can only imagine what it must look like in summer. Buy tickets online in advance if possible.



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