Mauritius & Réunion maps

During the travel festival this weekend, where I had a presentation about Mauritius and Réunion, a lot of people asked me about the maps I showed there. So here they are, our itineraries from both islands as well as the map of the hike from Cilaos in Réunion. You can also read my 2 articles about those islands, find them here: Réunion, Mauritius. Feel free to ask for anything else you might want to know. I can´t guarantee I will know all answers, but I will do my best 🙂

Map + itinerary of Mauritius
Mauritius – 5 days
Map + itinerary at Réunion
Réunion – 9 days
Hike itinerary
Réunion 5-days hike. Cilaos -> Piton des Neiges -> Hellbourg -> Grand Ilet -> Marla -> Cilaos
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