Friendly vibes of Girona

Girona is a cycling paradise, as we both experienced for ourselves. For the bike rides, check Michal’s ride stats. But for now, let’s have a look at the town itself. Beautiful medieval center, just big enough to wander through. Even though there is a considerable amount of stairs, it was quite ok with a stroller. Friendly cycling cafés, with seating outside even in February. Numerous tapas bars and vermoutheries for a night out.

Apparently we brought the weather with us, as it was pouring rain all day, all night the first week. But then, on one day we woke up to this view. Our mood went instantly up 100% 🙂

Once in Girona, one surely must not miss the sights. The Cathedral leaves you in awe, with the widest gothic nave in the world and the second widest church nave across all styles, surpassed only by Sant Peter’s in Vatican. There are priceless pieces of art accumulated throughout the centuries, but the most fascinating is probably the Tapestry of Creation from 11th c. and the Book of Beatus (vividly illustrated explanation of the Bible, 10th c.).

The Cathedral’s front is majestic

The St. Felix Basilica is the second important site to visit. Here, the most remarkable part can be found by the altar, a set of paleochristian sarcofagi from 3rd and 4th c. They are so intact and carved in such a detail it is almost unbelievable.

The Basilica
One of the sarcofagi

One can also take a stroll on the ramparts which run a half circle around the old town and offer magnificient views not only of the town itself, but also of the mountains towering around.

View of the center and snowy peaks from the ramparts

Where to go when you get hungry or thirsty?

Cafés and something sweet:

  • Federal Café (good for working)
  • La Comuna
  • Espresso Mafia (must go)
  • Casamoner (great hot chocolate)
  • Eat Sleep Cycle
Espresso and xiuxo in Espresso Mafia
Federal Café has 2 levels of seating and an outdoor terasse too

Food (be aware that most places don’t serve lunch before 13h and dinner before 19h/20h):

  • Bagels&Beers (must go, Brewdog Punk IPA, great bagels)
  • La Cevicheria (must go, right next to Bagels&Beers)
  • Hors Categorie (park your bike inside)
  • Volver (empanadas mostly to take away)
Not a ceviche in La Cevicheria 😀 Very tasty raw salmon slices with avocado.
Hors Categorie. Here in Girona, those little cyclists are everywhere.
Hors Categorie again. All of Girona’s climbs on the stairs. And that is not a slide for kids (even though it can surely be used as one), it’s a ramp to park your bike inside.


  • Malabarista (must go)
  • Bestia
  • Vermuteria Lola
  • McKiernans
  • B 12 Cerveses artesanes (artisanal beers)
Vermuteria Lola. Even February is warm enough to have a glass of vermouth outside.
B 12 Catalan craft beer

Girona is famous for local vermouth, so make sure to try some 🙂




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