End-of-year getaway

In the end, we decided to celebrate holidays at home. But on the 27th we were already starting to feel restless, so we did a quick search, booked a hotel and set off the next day. Where did we go and what have we seen? Read on to discover.

We took our car for the trip. It needed it too, as it loves travelling almost as much as we do 🙂 We drove for several hours and got to Wurzburg in Bavaria, Germany. One of the dominants of Wurzburg is the Old Main Bridge, which is the site of a very old tradition till these days. People can buy a glass of local wine in the window of this restaurant and enjoy it directly on the bridge. What a nice way to greet a tourist! Once we crossed the bridge, we climbed up to the Castle, where there are beautiful views of the whole city. The Castle is otherwise full of various museums, but we didn’t go to any. Going down along the wineyeard, we crossed the bridge again and got lost in the medieval city center streets. It is full of beautiful buildings and very nice restaurants with delicious bavarian cuisine. The next day we visited the Wurzburg Residence, which was for us the main attraction of this city. It houses a breathtaking unique huge fresco above the staircase as well as lots of architectural pearls and works of art. The Residence is surrounded by an interesting park, which is definitely worse a walk, too.

People standing on the Main Bridge, chatting and enjoying their wine
Isn’t that a nice tradition? 🙂
Wurzburg’s historical center
Castle atop a hill of wineyards
Inside the Residence

Next stop on our getaway was Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a medieval town with almost 100% of its walls intact and open to public. It’s houses are even more beautiful that in Wurzburg, you can climb the townhall tower for a better look and again, just get lost in the medieval streets and pubs where surprisingly you will find lots of locals. Like Landwehr Brau, with unique welcoming atmosphere, great beer and dishes. Rothenburg is also famous for its Christmas museum (open all year round) which shows German Christmas traditions and a lot of trees 🙂 The town lies on a hill upon the river Tauber, and in its valley the city mayor decided to built his special house. It is called Topplerschlösschen, can be found here on mapy.cz (Google maps don’t show the place), and was built by Mr. Toppler in this very specific shape. It can be visited, but only during limited opening hours, so consult the internet or tourist office in advance. Otherwise, the valley itself is very nice for a walk or a ride.

One of the entrances to the town walls and an original half-timbered house
One can walk the walls almost around the whole town
Winter wonderland
The main street by daylight
And by night
The main square with town hall


After that, the plan was to go back home, but we just didn’t want to yet, so we went to Coburg instead. Coburg is a bigger city in Northern Bavaria and its greatest point of interest is the Veste Coburg Castle complex. It is a very vaste castle, so if you want to visit inside, plan for a several hours visit. We toured the courtyards, admired the different architectural styles, and took a look from the ramparts. If you want to eat or drink something, definitely don’t go to the pub at the castle entrance, we waited for about 20 minutes and when even after that nobody even gave us a menu, we decided not to waste our time and left. Better head to Brauhaus Zu Coburg down in the center. They offer good beer and dishes for reasonable price. Make sure to try the special Coburger Klößen, a type of local dumpling. The pub is close to the Main Square, which is lined by beautiful buildings, and again, it is worth wandering the adjacent streets, just to get in the nice atmosphere of the city, especially by dark.

The entrance to the vast castle complex
One of the courtyards