V/V Patagonia TOP 15

And we go to the finish line. Here are our last three top experiences from Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Mainly about food and animals 🙂

Lunch in Kuar, Ushuaia

On the last day of our trip, we decided to have lunch in a top rated restaurant in Ushuaia, named Kuar. We chose to walk there, and it was quite a “hike” as it is far from the center, close to the only shopping mall in Ushuaia. But the restaurant truly stood to the great reviews. Nice, inviting interior with warm atmosphere, perfect table next to the glass wall with view over the sea and the city (we got lucky as we were there between hours) and a cool waiter with very good recommendations at hand. Plus, when we started to talk Czech among ourselves, he came back and said a few sentences in Czech as well! It turned out he has a Czech girlfriend and they work while travelling. He also got a great taste loving Czech plum brandy, Slivovice 🙂

The food was delicious. They specialise in seafood, but have also great steaks (it´s Argentina, right?). The waiter also recommended perfect wine to go with our food.

If you decide to visit Kuar, just be careful, because there is one more Kuar in Ushuaia, in the center, and it is bad. I mean, the food is good, but the waiters are terrible and slow, don´t care about guests at all, and the interior is nothing special. They just profit from the location and the good old fleecing of cruise ships passengers.

King Crab

King Crab or Centolla in Spanish is a speciality of Ushuaia, and the whole southern shore so to speak. It is a special kind of really big crab which lives in the cold waters of southern South America. Restaurants specialising in centolla have their own fishing boats to get the best and freshest crabs they can. And they are really cheap, compared to what you´ll pay for them in any other place.

We decided to do it the hard way, of course. And so we ordered a centolla entera, the whole crab, taken right from the aquarium. We were given special scissors, some basic explanation and off we went to battle with the long-legged guy. We fought bravely, and although some small parts of the carapace ended under our and some other tables, we had finally won. The meat was tender and delicious, and so fresh.

Beginning of the battle
And the end 🙂
Patagonian and Fuegian fauna

Last but important memory from this trip are the numerous wild animals living in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Some of them are really strange to us, Europeans. Some not that much, but ever so welcoming (did you already get how much I love cats? 🙂 ). Let´s have a look at all of them.

A bird of prey with an interesting beak, whose name I forgot – someone knows? Michal: I do, Southern crested caracara.
A local type of fox, crossing our road
Nandu, a type of emu typical for this location. Extremely shy and very nervous when we showed up, so we went on quickly not to stress it any more.
A bunch of pink Chilean flamingos.
A baby armadillo, about 20 cm long, just strolling around close to El Chalten.
Guanaco, a local type of lama, which can be found everywhere. Usually in herds. Can run pretty fast and jump pretty high. We saw them jumping over fences which are along the roads to get to the other side for better grass.
Magellan Penguins. Making some more penguins. Isla Magdalena, Chile
What did I just do? Ehm…Nothing…
Little penguin. Not more than a few weeks old. Totally chilled out.
A special kind of goose of the Beagle Channel. Photographed on H island.


Homeless dogs are everywhere. But they are sooo lazy. And also very clean and very well behaved. However, once you would feed one, you won´t get rid of him 🙂
Some are less lazy. This one took us on a tour to the port in Puerto Natales. Showed us all the beautiful colourful boats and didn´t even want food. Was just happy to spend some time with humans.
Finally, a cat 😀 This one liked us so much it kept getting into our car for two days 🙂
This cute little kitty was a perfect welcome to civilisation after our 5 days of hiking. It was jumping around and wanted to be petted. I really was thinking of packing it in my luggage 🙂